9 Facts About Trans Sexual and Reproductive Health

We transgender are still being discriminated by Democrats They denied us the right to serve an terminated our right to equal access when the democrats repealed D.A.D.T.Claiming that being a transgender is an Illness while at the same time denying us medical treatment, Having medicare calling transitioning medical treatment cosmetic.
and I know it was reported that the president signed an executive order allowing H.H.S. medicare to cover such treatments. well I called medicare today 12/05/2014 and they told me that they do not cover such treatments because it is cosmetic. HOW IS THIS NOT DISCRIMINATION WITH PREJUDICE

National Center for Transgender Equality's Blog

In celebration of National LGBT Health Awareness Week, NCTE has released this preview of a fact sheet, Transgender Sexual and Reproductive Health: Unmet Needs and Barriers to Care.  The full fact sheet will include policy recommendations for the medical community to improve the delivery of health care. Join our mailing list to get your copy of the final fact sheet.

Key facts on sexual and reproductive health for transgender people:

1. Transgender people may have sexual partners who are men, women, or both. A transgender person’s partners or sexual history cannot be assumed from their gender identity or the gender they were assigned at birth.

2. Transgender people need preventive health screenings. Standard preventive health screenings are generally recommended for the body parts a patient has regardless of that patient’s gender identity, including breast, cervical, and prostate cancer screenings.

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